Checking' in from Lac La Hache

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Checking' in from Lac La Hache

Post  Admin on Tue Jun 19, 2012 12:35 am

Weeze' and I scored a beauty lakeside cabin after a long day of sussin' out 108 Mile House and Williams Lake. I take back every lame thing that I've ever thought about the area! Williams Lake is light-years ahead of what we're doing in the Okanagan!!!

Their trail map / sign / sanctioning, building and promo' system makes ours look primitive! The city and Crown are crazily supportive and their new trails sport [paid] building crews.

Something else that I found extremely interesting is their collective bike strategy; numerous communities up and down this 'Cariboo Corridore' have banded together to form the Cariboo Mountain Bike Consortium. They cooperate and promote each others trails and amenities. Their brochure is comprehensive and includes maps etc. for Singletrack up and down a several hundred km corridore.

Road Trip Nirvana!

The cabin that we're at is just north of 108 Mile House, 40 minutes or less out of Williams Lake (20 the way Pierre drives) It's a real beauty, literally lakeside (I could open the window and spit into Lac La Hache) and only costs $50.00 per night if we get four riders together (there are 5 beds). Do I hear Aug. ROAD TRIP!?

Gonna' ride horseback the next few days, but will squeeze in a Mt.Bike ride on the 108 Mile House trails before I split for home.

Whistler Bear Paw Honey Lager lakeside; it's funkn' beautiful here!



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