Thomposon-Okanagan Tourism Association - 10-Year Strategy

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Thomposon-Okanagan Tourism Association - 10-Year Strategy

Post  Admin on Tue May 29, 2012 8:28 pm

Attended the Thomposon-Okanagan Tourism Association's 10-Year Strategy this afternoon. The good news is that they actually see beyond the typical 'Wine & Beaches' viewpoint that has handcuffed the City of Penticton's recreation outlook. In fact, one of the keynotes of today's discussion was trails! The Gov' finally sees that forest trails are in fact an infrascture - as I've been harping away at like a broken record!

Over the next few years we'll test their resolve as we seek to move Campbell Mt. into position as a regional park, much like Conkle Mt. in Summerland. Don't think that we've forgotten the bridge crossing and stairway project either; its paramount to any park access concept as well.

Be vocal people! Attend City of Penticton, RDOS and Tourism meetings as often as possible; its the typical 'squeeky wheel' syndrome that actually gets things accomplished in this society.




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