New Skull - CoAsTeR reroute in the Mice!

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New Skull - CoAsTeR reroute in the Mice!

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 04, 2011 10:09 pm

Rushed away from work this afternoon, bent on getting a quick spin in the Mice before sunset, and keen to check out a new trail whose builders have been urging me to ride / GPS and add it to the new Mice Map.

In order to check it out for yourself, just head up (or down) the Turnbull Cr. Trail and turn off onto the (marked) Skull - Coaster sign. Follow S.C. until you come to a large branch across the trail where it used to drop steeply down to the right, along an eroded route to rejoin WhiteTail. At this point, head left instead, along the newly opened Skull - Coaster reroute.

The new trail is flowy, fast and sports a number of rock hop-ups and drop-offs. There are spiny rock ascents / descents and enough swooping turns to satisfy any singletrack addict! The route from the lower parking area, up WhiteTail / Turnbull Cr. and down Skull - Coaster is perfect for a quick 'after-work burn before dark' - check it out!

BTW: "Well Done Boyz"

Blur in da' Skull

The New Skull - Coaster Route (way better!)

The green trail on the left is WhiteTail, the green trail on the right is the old Skull-Coaster, the black trail is Riddle Rd. and the red trail is the new Skull - Coaster trail. The thin green line to the far right is the eroded and nearly useless "Chute Out".

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