James Cr. Falls Trail

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James Cr. Falls Trail

Post  Admin on Sun Oct 02, 2011 10:58 pm

Did some chainsaw work 'up Carmi' this afternoon, then carried on to a place that I've been eying for several years in my dog-eared copy of Mussio Backroad Mapbook; James Cr. Falls Trail. As it turns out, the trail - in its current state anyway, might rank as one of Canada's shortest...

The trailhead is several miles southwest of Greyback Lake, along Greyback FSR. My Subaru wouldn't make it up from Penticton, as the road surface is [shot] from this end. Instead, we drove up Carmi, north along the 201, and west on Greyback FSR... to the tune of 115km return!

Nonetheless, I was determined to check out a new trail! When we arrived to a very official looking BC Forest Service Sign, I had thoughts of great canyon-side trails dancing through my mind... unfortunately, the 'trail' amounted to a basic quad track approximately 100m long, ending at decrepit bench and a lookout over a shallow canyon with a small waterfall on it's opposite bank.

A 'trail' did in fact continue to the north, but it was so clogged with deadfall that hiking it's tread was an exercise in futility. It looks like it may have actually been a 'real trail' at some point in the past, as there were chain-sawn logs here and there, along with faded flagging tape following a canyon-rim route. I suspect that the trails remote location doomed it to being swallowed up by the forest.

In a nutshell; don't waste your time going all the way up there for a trail experience - unless you happen to be one who is handy with a chainsaw and has a lot of time on your hands :-)

Here are some pics taken with my iPhone (iPhone camera's suck!)

Entry Signage

The 'Falls'

Trail Fairies (apparently moved outta' the area long ago)



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