Mt.Kobau (Osoyoos)

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Mt.Kobau (Osoyoos)

Post  Admin on Mon Sep 05, 2011 11:09 pm

Louise and I took a drive up Mt.Kobau this afternoon, hoping to see something new while escaping the valley heat; this was the right choice on both counts!

The drive up Kobau is longish, at about 15km, but at least the road is in good shape. I'd call surface conditions to be about on par with the Beaverdale road - the gravel section of it that is.

The summit sports two hikes; 1k to the Mt.Kobau Lookout, and a 4km trail to The Testalinden Trail. Koko, Louise and I did the 1k trail.

The view from Kobau's bug-free 1873 hundred meter summit is a real beauty; likely the best "look-see" that I've seen to date in the South Okanagan! The vertical drop into either of two different valleys could be amazing! I understand that there is a DH style singletrack trail in the area, but that its completely !@#$ed due to incorrect routing and erosion... bummer. A well-constructed, challenging 'All-Mountain' trail down Kobau would be world-class!

Pics of the day:

Spotted Lake (on the way up)

And this is why it looks so weird...

The road up / down is amazingly well engineered and in great shape!

Top Trailhead

Sign on summit bench - Makes sense to me!

Koko on Kobau! Another notch in her collar :-)

Now thats a viewpoint!

Its a long way to the top (see below...)



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