Kraut - WARD1 Intersection

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Kraut - WARD1 Intersection

Post  Admin on Wed Jul 27, 2011 12:51 am

Did some more work in the Gillies Cr. watershed this evening; the next time that you find yourself bombing down Kraut, ease up when you near the intersection of Kraut / WARD1.

In order to facilitate the wishes of BC Parks and the WARD1 trail reroute project, I had to add a hairpin of sorts at their junction. The first time that that you hammer into this corner, you may find yourself surprised by it's abrupt nature :-)

Please respect the various closures and reroutes in the area; we still have loads of singletrack to ride in the watershed, and the modifications are only making the trails more interesting and sustainable, while keeping us in the good books with the trio of land management groups who call the shots up there...


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