Smith Creek on Sunday, July 17

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Smith Creek on Sunday, July 17

Post  1part@atime on Sat Jul 16, 2011 6:14 pm

Any takers for a Smith Creek (Holy Pail) ride this Sunday July 17? Currently it is just 2 of us, but we are looking to add a few more wheels to the mix. Specifically some that have been up there before as we are both Smith virgins.
Unfortunately, the current vehicle situation requires the confirmed attending to each drive our own cars as there is insufficient rackage/trunk space. So any offers of a larger vehicle and guidance are extremely welcomed and will be rewarded 'handsomely'*.

Reply to this, send me a PM or email to brentginger(*at*)shaw(*dot*)ca

* handsomely to be defined by the attendees based on satisfaction. Completely arbitrary, but probably following the standard guidelines of hitchhiker-picker-upper-compensation packages.

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