'The Husky Trail'

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'The Husky Trail'

Post  Admin on Mon Jul 11, 2011 4:11 am

Peter Matthews and I did some exploration of a (new to me) trail near Isintok Lake all day this past Saturday. According to the GPS tracks that I recorded of the trip, the trail appears to split and head for both Brent Mt. and Sheeprock Mt. From what I could gather, based on a carving in a log along the way, the route is called 'The Husky Trail'.

We ran out of time due to commitments in the valley and huge amounts of dead-fall removal; perhaps as many as 40 or so trees along the way... We plan to return in a few months time to see if a journey from Isintok to Apex Resort is possible. If so, we know of another trail-set between Isintok and Summerland; a complete hookup of the lot would amount to an amazing drop and ride shuttle from Apex to Summerland!

Here are some pics' of the day:


Miles of creekside trails

Why so much tree scarification? A drunkard after dark couldn't loose this trail!

Old 'Husky Cabin' in the middle of nowhere...

Beauty' field of green (a wee bit swampy at the moment)

Creekside Trail

...with loads of creek crossings :-)

A few wet / flooded bits this high up, so early after snow-melt...

The Husky Trail (to be continued...)



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