...a new connector is born!

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...a new connector is born!

Post  Admin on Fri Jul 08, 2011 4:20 am

Thanks to the efforts of Highpockets, 1part@atime, Louise, Gus, Rider and Koko :-) we have an excellent alternative to the old fenceline ascent; the one we all uniformly dreaded after enjoying the impressive Canyon Rim trail on Campbell's backside (part of the Campbell Classic trail).

I hope that all of you who love the Canyon Rim trail as much as I do will also also enjoy the new alternative singletrack south of the old fenceline ascent.

We've blocked the old trail in order to begin remediation of the terrain. With a few (hundred) handfuls of seed common to the area, and a little hoe-work, the old route will be able to recover from its current erosive state in a matter of two or three years.

Thanks also to the Sather family and Mike S., who supported the trail re-route and truly represent the epitome of Rider >-< Land Owner relationships done right!



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Openning Day!!!

Post  Highpockets on Sat Jul 09, 2011 8:57 pm

The trail is finally done and it was time to go enjoy it. Terri and I hadn't had the dogs out for a hike in a while. We hiked out to "burnt rock" and back along the "canyon trail" and up the new fence line diversion. As Terri and our two four legged friends were halfway up the new switchbacks the riders started to show up. If you build it they will come, wow they came! Ok so what if it was the two other trail diggers responsible for this new beauty there was still alot of action on the backside of Campbell mountain for a friday night. Thanks to Andrew for his efforts in digging as well as dealing with the appropriate land owners, and thanks to "onepart@atime" for his large efforts carving out the new trail. It is a much better ascent out of the "canyon trail". So come on out and enjoy Campbell Mounatin and the new trail.


Newly built trail with three switchbacks

Andrew enjoying the fruits of his labour

onepart@atime showed up with 2 Newbies in tow

Busy Night on Campbell

Me and My trail helpers with my trusty walking stick

Trail exit or entrance location


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great trail, awesome night.

Post  1part@atime on Sun Jul 10, 2011 3:03 am

It truly was a magnificent evening. My newbies enjoyed themselves even though a good portion (all of the Canyon) was hike-a-biked.
On a side note, my legs are starting to look a little haggard. Maybe I'm going to have to start turning.


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Re: ...a new connector is born!

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