Rainbow Cleanup

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Rainbow Cleanup

Post  Admin on Sun Jul 03, 2011 3:49 pm

Yesterday Louise, myself and Koko went in and did a major cleanup on the Rainbow trail - at least as far as the final ridge-line drop prior to the rainbow ramp / bridge; ran out of time / daylight. If anyone else wants to go in from the Riddle Rd. side and finish up, there isn't much left to do to complete the task...

The trail's coolest section, about midway through - where it drops into the tight, left-hand cirque-shaped chute, needs some work; the trail is just an erosion-fest through there, and won't likely survive the next ten years of tire-dragging... I suspect that there is a much better way down, its just that Mike was keen to connect with the landing in the woods to the east at that point.

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