"Kraut" Trail

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"Kraut" Trail

Post  Admin on Wed Jun 22, 2011 12:42 am

BC Parks contacted me today to inform PACA that the Kraut trail in the Gillies Cr. watershed is officially 'ok' with them; its never to be an 'official trail'; one that will be signed and sanctioned, but rather an "off the record and ok" with Parks BC trail. Not a ringing endorsement, but it beats the heck out of closing and reseeding the route altogether - which was Plan A.

As such, I wasted no time in hiking / cleaning the trail this afternoon! I added numerous erosion prevention measures in order to save various sections of the trail that were on the verge of washing out and cleared it of sticks, stones and general crud. Kraut was developed by dirt-bikers, and motorized vehicles don't always take erosion into account when 'designing' trail systems :-)

You'll also see some new BC Parks signage along the trail. These point out sub-trails that had to be closed due to creek-crossing and soil compaction in riparian zones. Please respect the closures, as BC Parks and the various environmental groups in charge of this land have been more than fair with us!

Koko and I have the entire trail in pretty much 'buff' condition at the moment, so if there was ever a time to enjoy Kraut, its now! If you don't know where Kraut is located, then hey, its just another of the many reasons to join the club and take a Sunday Group Ride with us :-) We've introduced many people to the cornucopia of valley trails over the past few years and the club just gets better every summer!

Creek Crossing Route:

Please be cool with this closure

Had some company on-trail

Beauty Trail

More of the same

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