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Water, water everywhere, and the snakes are wide awake!

Our semi-arid masterpiece of riding is wetter than I've seen in my 25+ years of living here. What used to be a small creek crossing where one was barely worried about getting their feet wet, has evolved into raging torrents! Here is the Chute Cr. crossing in Naramata:

Was riding the Mice with Gary and Jeremy yesterday evening, musing aloud about the apparent lack of Western Diamondback rattlesnakes to date, when I spotted this little guy in the middle of the trail not 10 minutes later:

I wasn't quick enough with my camera, and he did a quick slither under a rock to his nearby home.

That said, start keeping an eye out for snakes when you are riding the valley; in the immortal words of Heather O'Rourke "They're Here"...



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