Weekend Pics - Ponderosa / Vance Shortcut

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Weekend Pics - Ponderosa / Vance Shortcut

Post  Admin on Mon May 16, 2011 4:47 am

Had an amazing long weekend; here are a few pics' O' the fun:

Durable Bridges (Ponderosa Construction)

Lotsa' Work To Do! Lot of Great Slabs To Work With (Ponderosa Construction)

Nice Work! (Ponderosa Construction)

Rainbow Trail (Great!)

Trail Surface - Pretty Much Snow Free & Open (Rainbow Tr.)


Fresh Bear Scat (Rainbow Tr.)

Mmmmmmm Singletrack! (Ponderosa)

V.Man's New Shortcut (Via Hill's Hills Tr. - To Avoid The Fenceline Climb)

Water, Water, Everywhere At The Reservoir...



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