And then the horse turned into a cat...

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And then the horse turned into a cat...

Post  Admin on Sun May 08, 2011 11:38 pm

No really, I saw it with my own two eyes!

The trail formerly known as Palomino... has been extended (yet again) and dubbed Cougar, as in; an extension of the Cougar trail, which meets / crosses Riddle Rd. and (now) continues across Mr.Ed and onto Southern Dancer.

Rode the Mice this morning, then went back up and spent the afternoon adding to the trail I was set to dub 'Palomino' (keeping in context with the equestrian theme in those parts) but have rethought the gig, and am now simply calling it Cougar - as its really nothing more than an extension of the existing Cougar trail if ya' really look at it.

As such, one now is able to pop out of Cougar, onto Riddle Rd, cross Riddle, ignore the Chute Out turnoff, and continue along... Cougar! Folks then have the ability to hang a right onto V.Man's Mr.Ed trail, or cross Ed and head down to the Southern Dancer trail.

This takes some of the traffic off Mr.Ed. I'm pondering the possibility of continuing it across Dancer' and down to Tsweet TSu, but for now, there you have it... Here is an updated map of the area.


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