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Campbell Mt. - Speak Up!

Post  Admin on Thu May 05, 2011 6:35 am

A resolution to the issue of accessing Campbell Mt.'s southeast slopes continues to elude City of Penticton staff and council. Here is the situation in a nutshell:

-The developer of the former golf course property promised to provide an access point to Campbell Mt., and posted a $47,850.00 bond with the City of Penticton to construct this access route

-Said developer was unable to gain government permission at the time, due to quirks in the riparian act; a fact that was realized after the previously mentioned promise was made

-The City of Penticton is has worked around the riparian act, but the proposed stairway will lead to a badly eroded access option, rife with cactus and unsustainable soil - crossing onto private property...

-PACA is strongly recommending that the City of Penticton does not pursue the initial access proposal, due to the aforementioned issues and its current envisioning by Penticton engineering staff as a hike-only trail

-PACA emphatically suggests that the City of Penticton instead employ a route that continues (completes) the Penticton Cr. trail behind the water treatment plant, over the creek and up to an established two-track

- The City of Penticton is attempting to negotiate with the developer, thus allowing the city to use the aforementioned funds (or parts thereof) to construct the water treatment plant access route

- The developer is sticking with his "use the original, ill-conceived route or return my money" mantra; legal stew ensues...

There looks to be a public hearing on this topic on the 16th of May, at City Hall, 6pm.

This may be our last opportunity to influence the construction of a new southeast access point. If the trail is constructed at the originally proposed site, you will not be riding it; as the land is too steep and city planners have informed me that they will construct a walking trail only. That, and the suggested route trespasses on private property, which will halt 'trail construction' at that point and sign it as 'closed' until they can negotiate to buy the land (potentially from the same developer who now despises them). End result; a trail to nowhere...

On the other hand, if we can convince the developer of the folly of his current path (literally and physically) and perhaps return some of his funds, keeping the remainder, we can implement the suggested option that lies behind the water treatment plant. A short hike-a-bike (100' or so) up a wooden walkway, complete with scenic look-offs over the waterfall, and riders are on a firm two-track switchback road up Campbell Mt. This is the option that we emphatically seek.

Support us by showing up - just this one time - and doing your bit for yourself and your riding community! PACA members cannot be responsible for doing all of the work on this project; you need to step up and do the right thing; show up on the 16th and support us!

If you would like to see what happened at city council on the 3rd, when this subject was recently discussed, download this video clip:

This is a [very large] video of the council meeting. Fast-forward to 0:58:18 to view the relevant section.

Andrew Drouin
President - PACA


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