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Mice - Drops A Lot / Fred / B.Bear / Southern Dancer

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 04, 2011 5:07 am

Seth and I rode a decent loop in the Mice this afternoon; here's the goods as far as whats open / rideable;

In what might be a first, for me anyway - we rode (up) Drops A Lot... Why would anyone do that? To see if it could be done I guess - I can report that it definitely helps to improve one's technical climbing skills :-)

We spent quite a bit of time on armoring Fred at various locations (how could anyone outgrow playing in the mud?) visited 'The Big Tree' (Ponderosa trail) and cleaned up sections of Southern Dancer on our decent. All of the aforementioned trails are 'good to go' as far as riding, albeit with some running water and small sections of mud.

I strongly encourage everyone riding those trails to pay attention to where the ground water is showing itself to be a trail problem. At those points, please get off your bikes - if only for 5 minutes - round up some nice flat rock - which is practically everywhere in the Mice, and lay it carefully end-to-end on-trail in the muddiest locations.

If everyone contributes just 1% - we will have water-related issues on higher trails beat in less than a year. It only takes a few minutes, but it makes decades of difference and is kinda' fun - in a let yourself be young again kinda' way...

Andrew D.


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