Mice - As far as Fred / Rusty / Muledeer

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Mice - As far as Fred / Rusty / Muledeer

Post  Admin on Sat Apr 02, 2011 12:17 am

Rode the Mice: Whitetail / 3 Witches / Lookout / Mule Deer / Ponderosa / Fred / Skull-Coaster etc. this afternoon. I'd say that everything as high as the lookout ("ashtray") is 'good to go'. Above that, including Rusty / Fred / S.C. still needs a few more days to suck up the mud and small patches of snow.

Tsweet TSU is in the best shape of the year, if not the best shape ever at this point in the season.

Lookout In The Rain

Ponderosa Trail - Namesake

Yup', Thats a Damned Big Tree!

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