Ponderosa (new Mice trail)

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Ponderosa (new Mice trail)

Post  Admin on Tue Mar 29, 2011 12:10 am

Ponderosa: the trail, not the 60's television show.

"Pondawhat?" you ask... It's Bill and Kim's latest Mousterpiece! Bill asked me to go up and GPS their cairned / flagged route, so as to have it shown on the soon to be printed 'PACA Mice Map'.

What an interesting trail... the boyz have a lot of work left to do, so I'll not publish the route quite yet; something to look for in April when the new map hits the shelves :-) I've asked them if they want some help, we'll see...

Thanks again to Bill and Kim for their thousands of hours of trail labor in the Mice - you cats rock!

Andrew D.

PS; it's called Ponderosa because it passes by what is easily the largest Ponderosa Pine in the Mice, heck - it might even be the largest (living) Ponderosa Pine in the valley! There is a big momma on Howies' Cow Highway, bigger in girth than this one, but it's top is lopped off and the tree is now pretty much dead.

PPS; saw some cool / weird stuff in the Mice this afternoon. First, there is a treehouse way the heck up in the trees, just north of the highest sections of Turnbull Creek South. Also, I was in the company of a large heard of Elk this afternoon. I see a lot of deer, quite a few sheep - but seldom do I get to see Elk; wild animals are cool!


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