Campbell Mt. Access - Update March 9th

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Campbell Mt. Access - Update March 9th

Post  Admin on Wed Mar 09, 2011 6:41 pm

Just a quick note to keep everyone abreast of what is happening on the 'Campbell Mt. Access' front.

Visited the proposed site with Doug and Larry Kenyon as well as one of their engineers this afternoon. We discussed various ways in which one could go about the project, bouncing ideas back and forth. In the end, the plan of installing a small bridge across the creek, behind the water treatment plant, followed by a rugged footbridge up the slope to the solid trail above looks to be the winner.

The Kenyon brothers have further offered to freely provide a rugged bridge that is currently sitting unused in their work-yard! This amazing gesture will save everyone involved a great deal of time and money; leaving substantial funds for both a world-class stairway / landing structure that will ascend the slope and overlook the waterfalls, as well as minor trail maintenance that must be conducted further up the route.

Speaking of funds; I was approached by a city councilor only yesterday, informing me that council had determined that the developer's funds that still sit in a special account, originally ordained for "A TRAIL ACCESS TO CAMPBELL MT" by the developer - will in fact be applicable to the project at hand!

Great news all around!

This is turning out to be another case of "everyone is cool to the bike club, as long as we're cool to everyone" deal - I dig it!

Andrew D.


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