Rock Oven & WARD1 Signage

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Rock Oven & WARD1 Signage

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 31, 2011 9:06 pm

At last it has begun; signage on the Rock Oven & WARD1 trails!

Seth and I hiked into the area on Sunday to begin the process of erecting numerous 'BC Parks Standard' signs. When completed, this will include map-signage with "you are here" markers as well as directional arrows as shown below. For locals who are well aware of the route this signage may seem irrelevant, however the process is a major breakthrough as it represents the club's first tangible collaboration with BC Parks, The Land Conservancy and the Nature Conservancy. It will also allow 'out-of-towners' to enjoy the trails without becoming lost in the maze of routes in the area.


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