Ellis Canyon Trail Day - Photos & Notes (Updated)

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Ellis Canyon Trail Day - Photos & Notes (Updated)

Post  Admin on Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:13 pm

Oct 10th found several PACA members, along with the Penticton Outdoor Club, the Penticton Outdoor Adventurers and a member of the Summerland hiking club joining together to maintain the Ellis Canyon Trail. Many thanks go out to those who gave their Sunday afternoon to the cause!

This was the final ‘trail day’ of 2010 for the club; we hosted numerous trail maintenance outings this year, and look forward to doing more for the valley’s extensive singletrack network in 2011 and beyond.

I ask that those of you who have not yet participated in a trail maintenance day to consider pitching in come spring. Quality trail networks require many helping hands and we cannot assume that the same members who have given their time to the process these past few years will constantly be there; burnout is a real consideration in any club - wider participation is required.

Your efforts will be rewarded the next time that you ride a trail which you have worked on; enjoying the new found flow of the route, along with the satisfaction of knowing that you have given something back to the riding community.

The irony of today’s trail day was that it was attended by far more hikers than cyclists; despite the fact that well over 300 riders were aware of the event and only a handful of hikers were in receipt of the email invitation -- and this was a cyclists-initiated trail day.

In the end, we cleaned up 4.5km of beautiful singletrack that hugs the Ellis Cr. Canyon, and rerouted a steep section of the trail to follow a mellower, less erosion-prone course; all in all, a grand success!

See you on the trails! (Thanx' for the pix' Gary!)

Andrew and John - Workin' It

Seth / Andrew - Finishing Touches

Umm... This One Might Be A Problem...

Decommissioning The Old Trail (Far Too Steep)

A Beauty New Trail Section (with immovable rock 'go-round' :-)

Mini-Summit Trail

Short N' Sweet Forest Route

The Locals - Keeping An Eye On Me


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