Princeton China Ridge

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Princeton China Ridge

Post  Highpockets on Tue Sep 07, 2010 11:41 pm

Terri and I set out this holiday Monday to try out Princeton's new mountain bike trails. China Ridge is Princeton's X Country Ski area. They have recently introduced mountain bike trails to the area as well. This makes for a great place as there is already facilities in place for the trail users such as cabins, warming huts, maps, and outhouses. Terri and I rode the Parker Trail out and back. Finding the proper place to park and start from wasn't easy as the maps in place didn't tell you where you were. After a little looking around and guessing we figured it out. We found the trailhead and set out. The Parker trail from the Longhouse to the Reuben Jones warming hut is in its very early stages. The crews have made the route and cleared it of all trees and bushes. However the earth hasn't been groomed yet. It was completly rideable with a very easy grade but too bumpy to be enjoyable. Once past the Reuben Jones hut the trail improved quite a bit, you can see where they have put in the hours here. We had a snack and a nice rest at the China Ridge Cabin located at the end of Parker Trail before riding back the way we came. On our way back we checked out the trailhead to the other trail in the area, the Rail Trail. This trail is a Downhill that runs down to the Tullameen River. This trail looked to be in better shape and ridden more frequently. We will have to go back to check this one out. The area will be great once completed.

Here are some links on the area

Pictures from our ride.

China Ridge website


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