Campbell Mt. Trail Day

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Campbell Mt. Trail Day

Post  Admin on Sun Aug 15, 2010 9:05 pm

This morning marked yet another successful trail day! [[[Huge]]] thanks to all of the excellent people who volunteered their morning for the sake of better riding - for them and their peers. PACA members repaired the connector trail between the summit of Campbell Mt. and the service road (to The Whoop) and then moved lower down to repair the top of the climb beyond the DQ Table.

Both sections suffered from extreme water damage and have been in need of some TLC for several years, but especially after the wet spring that we experienced this year.

We not only repaired significant sections of the trail, but added numerous rolling dips to each section, thereby assuring that future downpours will not simply create new erosion points.

I urge those who have not made it to one of our trail maintenance days to seriously consider doing so the next time that we head out. Remember; “the trails don’t fix themselves”, and there is no ‘mom’ to do the work for you; it’s your fellow riders who are putting in the hours; be a part of it - give something back to your sport. Our next trail day will be in Oct., repairing sections of the Carmi Canyon Trail.

Special thanks to Cannery Brewing and Swagman for after-work refreshments. PACA greatly appreciates your support!

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