Okanagan Mt. Park

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Okanagan Mt. Park

Post  Admin on Mon Aug 02, 2010 11:41 pm

There was a time when the Okanagan Mt. Park trails were some of my favorite rides; that was in the era B.F. - or "before fire"...

Louise and I did some hiking on three of the park trails this afternoon, and were completely disheartened at what we experienced. For starters; an ominous sign - or lack thereof. The entry sign to the park's parking lot has been removed. The road itself is subject to a 'truck-or-Subaru-only' warning as well. We tried to hike the Mountain Goat Trail, the Gemmill Lake Trail and The Lookout Trail; and found that all of the above start out looking pretty good, but within a kilometer or so, deteriorate into a mess of downfall across the route and over-growth blocking one's vision.

I was in contact with the Park BC warden this spring, who assured me that all of the trails were "clear and open" - but it appears that no-one has been doing any trail maintenance since then.

In short; don't bring your bikes to the park, expecting an excellent ride like "back in the day". You will simply be disappointed and mosquito-bitten.

On the sunny side; you can still drive the Chute Lake Rd. a little higher and enjoy some of the best pie in BC at Chute Lake Lodge... Louise and I polished off an apple and peach pie and ice cream to soothe our frustration with the park trails :-)


Trail Maintenance much? Nooooooooppp...

Louise; "on the trail"

The trail is, um... "over there" see?

Typical - every few dozen meters.


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