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Rossland BC

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Known mainly for it's 7-Summits trail / race, Rossland offers a whole lot more singletrack glory in and around the community. I have just returned from three days of riding in the area and came away impressed by what I experienced.

The secret to Rossland's excellent trails lies in the fact that this small mountain community employs two trail crews for much of the year, thus, trails are well-built and maintained.

Below are a few snaps of the area, I rode Miners / Red, Doukhobor / Tamarack and Back Of KC / Loop while I was in the area. Maps and trail descriptions are available here:

A sample of Rossland's well-built trails; IMBA-class switchbacks

Doug, my riding buddy for this expedition

Pookie's Cabin - A beauty resting spot with killer views - near the top of Red Mt.

Well-built trails / beauty views!

Trail-side rest stop; 'Red-Top Trail', Red Mt.

Doug; checking out one of Red-Head's many wooden bridges

If you are gonna' fall off your bike, you might as well get comfortable...

Along the way to the top of Tamarack Mt. - A lifetime of switchbacks in one trail!

Trail-side Huckleberry feast - Yum!

Who sez' you can't have fun on a Mt. Bike in your 60's? Doug kicked some collective ass!

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