Arawana Beer Run

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Arawana Beer Run

Post  Admin on Mon Jun 14, 2010 8:54 pm

Rode the Beer Run this past weekend, someone has gone through and cleared all of the deadfall from the trail - a heroic task indeed, as there was a timbermart full of it every few meters when I was last in there, circa 2009.

A much better path has also been established through the clearcut section - just watch your front wheel, as many of the log-overs sport gullies on the flipside.

Speaking of flipside; if you are new to the Beer Run, please be aware that the vast majority of the wooden structures along the way down do not feature roll-outs. In fact, less than a handful of the 60+ stunts offer an easy roll out.

The section of the Beer Run that meets the KVR / TCT needs a reroute as there is fresh housing construction happening at the point. We had to, um, 'navigate' through and over several fences in order to reach the trailhead that allows one to drop into Naramata Creek Park.

Within the park, several sections that previously offered bridge crossing no longer do; due to high water this spring. Since it was less than a kilometer to the bottom from the first creek crossing, I simply waded across, but my fellow riders did some pretty fancy footwork and managed to get across on dilapidated logs.

In all, the ride is great! Thanks again to the chainsaw fairies, (or is the "demons?") who spilled no shortage of sweat in clearing out what was a nasty mess up there!

The crew that I rode with took helmet-cam footage of the ride; I'll post it when I get hold of some files.

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