WARD1 - Its a beauty!

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WARD1 - Its a beauty!

Post  Admin on Sat May 29, 2010 8:02 pm

Wow! That, my friends, was a raging success! WARD1 is now buffed / flowy / fast; so fast that you’ll need a plane ticket to board it. As such, use caution heading down this trail, as hikers and riders often ascend WARD1...

Gary, Terry, Louise, Shea, Nick, Andrew D. (yes, another Andrew D.!), Magda, Jeremy, and I met with our local park ranger - Sara Bunge, at the Skaha Bluffs parking area this morning, and headed up the forest service road in her 4X4. We split into top and bottom teams, working to meet in the middle. Two and a half hours of valuable trail work was followed with a trip to The Bench Market for lunch by 1pm.

The result; one of the most beautiful trail surfaces in the valley! The next time that you ride WARD1, give a nod to Parks BC and the Land Conservancy of Canada for being cool enough to let us keep and maintain that excellent route, which by the way, lies within the Sublot18 land conservation area. Also, tip your helmet to the excellent PACA crew who laid some lovin’ on it today!

We encourage more folks to come out to PACA trail days; it’s the very best thing that you can do for one of the greatest sports on earth. The payoff; aside from pride in a job well done / for an excellent cause - you get to enjoy it firsthand every time that you ride it in the future :-)

Andrew D.

Buffed & Beautiful - Makes ya' wanna' Ride!Ride!Ride!

Walk'n tall and carry'n a big stick!

Sara - Our local Parks Ranger - She Rocks!

Some of the Trail Gang!


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