Reservoir, Rainbow Ridge, High Pony

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Reservoir, Rainbow Ridge, High Pony

Post  Admin on Mon Apr 12, 2010 3:19 am

I walked into the Reservoir from the Mt.Randolph FSR clearcut this afternoon (one can only drive that far on Randolph FSR at this time) and onto sections of the Rainbow Ridge singletrack. Following bits of it and Cougar FSR, I crossed Riddle Rd. and cleared up the initial section of High Pony, as well as the full length of the original High Pony trail (turnoff prior to Bronco's takeoff).

The bad news is that the Rainbow Ridge trail is not yet clear enough to ride; still too much ice and snow. The good news is that High Pony and Upper Bronco are perfectly rideable!

Here are a few pics' of today's adventure:

16.5Km return; my poor old dog is totally worn out!


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