No Remorse, Southern Dancer & new 'Lisa's' off the Rez'

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No Remorse, Southern Dancer & new 'Lisa's' off the Rez'

Post  Admin on Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:02 pm

The highest sections of the south end of the Mice are rideable, including High Pony trailhead off Riddle Rd. There are a few patches of snow to deal with at the absolute top, but that soon stops and the balance of the trail is great!

Midway along the top ridgeline on High Pony / Bronco, I (re)opened an old, alternate & very technical route down. If you descend Pony its hard to miss, the junction appears on your right at approximately kilometer 2.6, measured from the Riddle Rd. trailhead. I don't know what this trail was once called as it does not appear on the hand-drawn Mice map, but it does intersect with the old, rarely used route that used to be the steep section of High Pony, just above the Marmot trail; its ultimate destination.

Nowadays, everyone simply continues down along Bronco, ignoring the now, nearly overgrown High Pony turnoff (already, and its only been two or three years!)

I am going to call this newly reopened connector "No Remorse".

If you ride Marmot out of the north, across Riddle, up it to the High Pony trailhead and down, you are sure to come upon several wet spots. Stop and take some time to create drainage channels for the water that is trapped on-trail. If you don’t, then each time someone splashes through them they are simply adding to trail erosion.

A few minutes of very easy, and kinda' fun work on draining the trails will go a long way to reduce soil erosion and provide us with much better trails in the long run. Notice on the accompanying map, the new trail to the far south-west; this is Peter M.'s new extension of Bronco; now officially known as 'Southern Dancer' - in keeping with the High Pony / Bronco 'equestrian' theme. Its fairly technical in places; nothing above the difficulty level of High Pony or Bronco however... Southern Dancer begins at the point where Dead Horse heads north, toward Riddle Rd.

Best news of the day; Karl has created an amazing new half-pipe near the Pearly Gate. The next time that you are blasting down the Roller Coaster, eyeball the two rock cairns located at the point where R.C. exits the road and becomes a singletrack again. Drop between the cairns for a PNE-esque blast! :-) Its the largest and longest half-pipe that I have seen in BC, and an amazing ride! Lets help to keep it intact by kicking in with any obvious trail maintenance issues that arise.

From all of us who will enjoy it for many years, "Thank You" Karl!

Here is a pic' or two of the day;

Andrew on the 'No Remorse' route (Ohh, lookie - a new Blur!)

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