Trail Conditions - Mice, March 6th 2010

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Trail Conditions - Mice, March 6th 2010

Post  Admin on Sat Mar 06, 2010 10:52 pm

Hiked into the Mice Friday and Saturday afternoon. Friday found me up as high as the Dead Horse junction south off Riddle Rd. to the Dead Horse / Bronco Junction. The trail conditions are near perfect in this area - loads of traction, a minimum of mud and no snow or ice whatsoever.

Saturday I drove up Arawana FSR as far as the Rusty trailhead. I hiked into Rusty about 3km. The area is coming along; too much snow and ice to ride quite yet, but as one approaches the Mule Deer junction things start to melt down quite nicely. I give it two more weeks at these temps' to dry up a little. It was Plus 10 Degrees at the Rusty trailhead today!

There are fairly large trees down (1ft+ diameter) at 1km and 1.5km as one enters the Muffler. Any hearty soul willing to hike in with saw :-) ?

Andrew D.


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