No Frothers - Mntc. Req.

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No Frothers - Mntc. Req.

Post  Admin on Mon Oct 05, 2009 9:47 pm

Spent Monday afternoon working to clean up on one of Wolfgang's old trails, an adjunct to the Carmi Recreational Trail System. This lengthy section of single-track is amazingly fun to ride, but is currently in a decrepit state due to deadfall and pruning requirements.

For those of you who seek something more difficult than the easygoing Carmi trails, or more enjoyable than the rutted and beaten Code 4 / Knuckle-Duster – Wolfgang’s trails are for you! There are numerous, well-built stunts along the way, each featuring an ‘easy-around’ route.

I’d like to reopen the trail this fall, but need your help in making this a reality. Sure, you could just go and ride the Mice, Campbell or the Reserve for the zillionth time – or you could kick in and make a difference to valley trail networks by helping to reopen long-forgotten trails that are more interesting and feature far more impressive terrain!

Contact me at 250.486.2443 or to add your name to the list of people who wish to join in and make a positive difference for our valley trail networks.

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