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Carmi Rec. Trail Network

Post  Admin on Sat Aug 29, 2009 11:23 pm

Have been spending a lot of time in the Carmi Recreational Trail Network over the past few months. The place is getting ship-shape, but I have a need... for a quad.

In order to erect the new signage that we are placing throughout the area, I require a small vehicle that I can use to move about the network with the 16-17 metal signs. They will be too heavy and awkward to handle on my dirt-bike and I would like to bring along a small ladder in order to place the signs high enough that morons cannot steal them.

If you are aware of anyone who owns a quad who might loan it to us for a day, we will fill it up with petro and return it spit and polished too boot!

Let me know: 250.486.2443

Andrew D.

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