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PACA Newsletter – Nov 11th 2010

Today is the one solitary day that we stop and remember those who enabled all of us to bath in the luxury of our amazing lives. Now get out there and “pay it forward”…

In other remembrances Join us today at noon atop Campbell Mt. for memories of Jose. Make your own way up any way you choose, arriving at the summit at noon.

Cycling Adventure on the Big Screen This month’s feature in the Naramata Environmental Film Series is an adventure travelogue chronicling a 23,000 km. cycle trip by several BC residents. In 2004, Gwendal Castallen, a Vancouver based geographer, left his windowless office and set out to cycle the longest road in the world. More info’ here;

The MEC shopping event described as ‘upcoming’ in the last missive – runs Thursday, November 18. To shop with a discount on that day, log into and enter okclubs as the password.

New recreation maps and brochures are available at the Penticton Chamber of Commerce. Get down there and pick em’ up. PACA contributed mightily to the project and we are proud of the end-result.

Night Rides are in full swing these days. Keep an eye on the “Wanna Ride?” section of our discussion forums at

Okanagan Granfondo those interested in becoming part of the team that will assist with successfully rolling out the Okanagan’s first Granfondo are asked to attend a meeting at the KVR Pub Monday, Nov.15th at 6:30pm Axel Merckx and Jonathan Wornell (Granfondo Axel Merckx Organizer) will be there to provide information and answer questions about the event.


PACA Newsletter Nov.5th

Nov. at our doorsteps and the weather could not be better for riding! (Merino Wool all the way baby!)

Jose’s Ride! Those who knew and loved Jose will gather for the annual Jose Rodriguez Memorial Ride on Thursday November 11th. People may choose their own route up, meeting at the summit of Campbell Mt., at noon. Together we will remember our friend, then descend to Smith & Co., where the Bike Barn will treat everyone to a hot beverage.

Plant roots (for sports) Jeff Plant has taken up the position of sport marketing co-ordinator with Penticton Wine Country and Tourism. We feel that its great to have someone with our sense of outdoor recreation in this position, and it can only mean great things for our sport. Check out this URL for complete info’ - d5UyaZ (use exact case of letter if typing the URL)

Night Riding! Those into right riding are urged to keep an eye on the ‘Wanna’ Ride?’ section of discussion forums, as we'll be posting some night ride dates there for the next month or so. Several of us have picked up great night lights this year, and we’re always chomping’ at the bit for any excuse to ride after dark. Considering how early night falls these days, it’s the only time that many of us get out anymore.

That’s it for now, be sure to check out the excellent article ‘Park Prescriptions: Profiles and Resources for Good Health’ posted in our forum’s Nuts & Bolts section


Older Newsletters...

PACA Newsletter

This newsletter caps our Oct. communiqués, and opens the door to great Nov. riding weather!

Join PACA this Halloween Sunday for a spooktacular night-ride around Campbell Mt.’s ‘Classic Loop’. This is an advanced / intermediate level ride and requires one or more decent bike lights. More info’ at

The Mountain Equipment Co-op
(MEC) has asked PACA if our members are interested in participating in a one-night event in Nov. They are offering the following incentives:
10% discount on all products (except boats) for the day (time and day TBA)
$100 gift card draw for new MEC members joining during the event
$50 gift cards draws for all participants

MEC have also suggested that there is the potential for a small club bursary if PACA applies for it; which we did. It looks like a membership drive, couched in an offer, but hey; who am I to judge, I’ve been a member for nearly 25 years! I’ll keep you up to speed on dates at

PACA has a big chainsaw! for the next few days… So if you have noticed large trees down on any of our valley trails, let us know where ASAP. This mega-saw is a loaner, and we are back to our own little 14”er soon, so lets Get er’ Done while we can.

Granfondo Axel Merckx Okanagan Big Bike Events Hit Home! Check out their website for full details

Penticton’s Transportation Demand Committee
(on which PACA has a seat) has determined that it will focus on strongly encouraging the city to speed up its urban path projects. To this end, we encourage you to write kindly worded ‘letters to the editor’ as well as your local councilors, in support of this project. In addition, speak with friends and family on the topic; it takes a community pulling together and a lot of people talking to realize a project of this scope.

We see a day in the near future where a grand variety of foot and cycling paths along with designated bike lanes, interconnect across the city. Its a win-win situation for all levels of government via tourism, as well as an important recreational resource for our community.

Have a great weekend – forecasted temps’ hold the promise of excellent riding!


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