Arawana Beer Run

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Arawana Beer Run

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 29, 2008 8:25 am

Rode Arawana Beer Run this past weekend (Oct. 26th). Its a great 9.3k downhill-shuttle, but needs some [serious] maintenance up high - the top third to be exact. I figure that a crew of four guys, two with saws, two helpers with hand-tools, could go a long way in a morning/afternoon. There are at least 60 trees down in the top few kilometers. I have a full-suspension Mt.Bike trailer to ride gear down in, a decent chainsaw and all of the required safety/cutting gear. If I could get three more cats on the job, at least one of them with their own saw and safety gear - I'd be willing to spend some time in the area this fall before the snow fly’s.

Any takers?

Andrew D.


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