New Carmi Flow-Trail (Pseudo DH) Recce'

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New Carmi Flow-Trail (Pseudo DH) Recce'

Post  Admin on Sat Nov 23, 2013 4:40 am

Am keen to hike-a-bike the route for a new trail on Sunday at noon.  It'll potentially run from the Garnet Fire Interpretive Center, down along the canyon rim to either Daloc Rd. or Saliken Dr. - depending on permissions from private land-owners near the bottom.  Otherwise, the trail will be 100% on Crown land.

I want to GPS a route in order that I can get the track in early to the Ministry for an application to construct a trail in the spring of 2014.  They require loads of 'heads-up', as they are crazily under-staffed.

If / when complete, this will extend the Carmi Canyon trail - allowing a near-constant drop from the Carmi XC trails down to just shy of city limits.

That's a sheeepload of vertical!  If in later years we add trail from Carmi XC, east to the entrance to the Ellis Canyon FSR (drop-point / gateway to the Wright's Passage trail), we'll have ourselves a near-epic trail / trailhead!

We'll be shuttling Sunday's route.  Andrew at 250.486.2443


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