Clearcut Logging - Public Enemy Number One!

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Clearcut Logging - Public Enemy Number One!

Post  Admin on Mon May 27, 2013 12:41 am

Clearcut Logging - Public Enemy Number One!

Yet another really great reason that a strong trail user group is important in the Okanagan. If user-groups band together, we have a say in what happens with Crown forest cut-blocks.

The Apex Property Owners Association could use a really strong user-group behind their efforts to limit clear-cut logging in the valley which hosts Apex Ski Resort etc. right now...

The link below presents that areas which are scheduled for clear-cut logging in the Apex area in the next few years. This kills sections of numerous area trails (Green Grind, Orange Trail, West Apex Trail Network, Yodinge Trail etc.)

Be aware that this is a large Google Earth overlay and will choke all but powerful PCs in presenting it within Google Earth.



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