Powers Creek (Westbank)

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Powers Creek (Westbank)

Post  Admin on Fri May 17, 2013 1:26 am

Finally made it out to the famed Powers Creek today (thanks to Kurt for dragging me up there). For years I've been hearing about how wild n' crazy the trails in the area are, and though I've hiked the lower sections in the past, this was my first look at the shuttle-only rides from up near Crystal Mt., down to the community below.

We shuttled two of the four main trails in the area this afternoon; "2.5" and "Builder's" - both are high on the crazy scale :-) as the images below will attest to. If you're familiar with Arawana Beer Run, then just multiply the crazy-factor of that trail by five or six and you get Powers Cr...

Metal Grate Step-Down; Log-Ride-To Skinny (!)

Road Gap

Seemingly Endless Wooden Structures

Curt; Roller-Coaster

Fairly Big Air Is Available Throughout The Entire Ride(s)

...Along With (((MANY))) Wall-Rides - This Being The Most Vertical Of The Bunch

Ride Mascot - "Abby" - She Has Serious Jets!

Map of the area (more trails exist, not shown)

Next Up - I kinda' wanna' see what Andrew McIntosh has been doing up Gillard way! Who's up for a trip to K-Town next weekend? Andrew says that he'll provide a custom tour of the area.


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