Rose Valley Lake Loop + JabbaRocky + Rose Valley Park

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Rose Valley Lake Loop + JabbaRocky + Rose Valley Park

Post  Admin on Mon May 13, 2013 6:57 pm

Myself, Dino, Pierre, Matthew, Kurt, Andyman, Kwaker and Steve piled trucks full O' bikes and headed for the Rose Valley riding area in Westside this past Sunday. We explored Rose Valley Lake Loop + JabbaRocky + Rose Valley Park - blending them into one big momma loop (how appropriate on Mother's Day :-)

This combination of trails, taken together, represent an excellent afternoon of riding; not the easiest day, but a hella' great leg-lung workout, all set in endless vistas over the lake and surrounding area. I believe that it was some 14km in all. This involves a hell'a lot of ascending / descending, so not as easy as "14km of trail" might sound...

Just as we were cracking the end-of-ride mandatory beer, along came the fellow responsible for most of this area's trail-building, as well as that of Smith Creek; Doug Lundgren. He described a few other trails in the area that we should check out (which none of us had ever heard of, never mind ridden). We thanked him for his work and Beer'd him! Rose Valley holds more for us in the future!

Click Here to see a full panoramic shot of the Rose Valley, as seen from JabbaRocky:

Speaking of JabbaRocky - last year I reported it's descent as "blown out all to hell". Well, true to his word, Mike reworked it into something that is a hella' lot O' fun to ride this year - we all loved it!


Someone even took a slightly askew video of me popping off a rock feature in the park...


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