Revy' Roadtrip - In Words & Pictures

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Revy' Roadtrip - In Words & Pictures

Post  Admin on Wed Sep 19, 2012 4:13 pm

And there is was; another great mountain bike Road Trip on the books! I've posted a few pics' of the gig for your entertainment. Thanks to Barry, Pierre, Robert, Harry, John & Louise for making it all happen! I might try and squeeze one more in before the snow flys... I'm thinking Christina Lake, as its not too far, off-season accom' is dirt-cheap right now and we were provided some 'secret trail maps' the last time we stopped at Wild Ways on the way back from 7-Summits. Any takers? I'm looking for a total of four riders including myself, so three more need apply...

Our Chalets; we had two units side-by-side, with beauty' Mt. views

Day One - Frisbee Trailhead

Onward and upward my friends!

Its this kinda' place

Beauty' little waterfall trail-side

Barry - working the kinks out - or was that the wine?

Reachin' for the electrolytes mid-trail

High-gear along the 'secret DH' after the Frisby Ridge ride

Buff, baby, buff! Frisbee Ridge; my new "Best Trail in BC" designation

Got Food? Ever helpful Grey-Jay


Now that's side-hill! The trail is about three feet to the left...

The switchback from Hell!!!

Alpine 'bridges' (very effective!)

Kwaker - Lettin' er' roll

Beautiful color, beautiful vistas', in every direction!

The Flyin' Frenchman - scopein' his line

Barry - Yearning for ski season already?

Pierre; happy to be here & even happier to be riding this $5000 DEMO bike? :-)

A BC Rockies version of 'trail armoring'

Its even beautiful in the bloody parking lot!

More fun than watching your buddies wipe out; watching other peoples buddies wipe out!

The obligatory pretty-flower pic'

The Revy' Road Krew!

Frisbee Ridge

Keystone Standard Basin

In summary. I've found a new personal favorite singletrack, at least in the High Country; Frisby Ridge! Keystone Standard Basin was a real thing of beauty as well, but is a lot more difficult to ride, as its actually an old hiking trail that has been shoe-horned into being a mountain bike trail. Frisbee on the other hand, was developed as a mountain bike trail and its flow shows it in spades. I was in awe of the trail-work during the ascent not to mention the vistas all around me, and was truly laughing out loud during much of the descent. TRAIL LOVE!!!



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Re: Revy' Roadtrip - In Words & Pictures

Post  Bricklin on Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:10 pm

Tanks for making it appen, it was a blast!


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